Over the course of the semester, you will work on four mini-projects, each of which will require you to take a different approach to the study of science fiction and social justice. Your final project will extend and develop one of these. 60% of your grade comes from your projects and 40% from ongoing participation in class discussion and on this website.

Your grade will be calculated as follows (1000 points total for the semester):

Ongoing participation: 40% (400 points)
Engaged participation: 10% (100 points)
Blog posts and comments: 15% (150 points)
Leading discussion: 15% (150 points)

Projects: 60% (600 points)
Assignment 1: Thinkpiece. 10% (100 points)
Assignment 2: Adaptation. 10% (100 points)
Assignment 3: Manifesto. 10% (100 points)
Assignment 4: Visionary fiction. 10% (100 points)
Final project (extending one of the above): 20% (200 points)