Assignment 3: Manifesto

Show how one or more of the works we have read in this unit can provide lessons that are relevant to a world you inhabit.

You should do this by writing a manifesto in which you make your case for why the group you are addressing should stop what they are doing and pay attention to what this book/story/album/essay is telling them.

Your manifesto may take whatever tone you like, and may be in any form you like: written text, a set of images or drawings, a video, a podcast. It can be something you would yell from a soapbox or a more gentle form of persuasion. Either way, you should choose an audience and research the best way to convince them. If the audience you are addressing isn’t obvious, add a note at the beginning of the manifesto that explains who you are talking to.

Quote not only from your selected text but from supporting materials such as scholarly articles, reviews, author interviews.

Write between 600 and 800 words; if you are planning a non-text-based manifesto, use your judgment to decide what an equivalent length would be.

I will grade the manifestos according to the following criteria:
• argument. Are your points well articulated and significant?
• engagement with text. Are you showing a deep understanding of the text(s) you are responding to?
• attention to audience. Are you making a case that will convince the people you want to connect to?