Final Project

Choose one of the four assignments you have completed over the course of the semester and develop it further. This may take the form of a paper, a story, a piece of art, or something in a different medium.

For class on May 10, come to class prepared with the following:

  • the assignment you plan to expand (a link to the blog post is fine)
  • three ways in which you would like to develop it (they don’t all have to be possible within the available time!)
  • at least two questions on which you would like feedback  from your peers

In our final exam session on May 18, you will present your final project. Plan to speak for around 5 minutes. Depending on your project, you might choose to read aloud; to screen and discuss images; to play sound or video; or to perform in some other way.

By the end of the day on May 18, post your final project to the blog. If your preferred format does not lend itself to a blog post, you may email me a link or a file.

Parameters for the final project are open. If you are writing a paper and need a word count to aim for, 1500-2000 words is appropriate. But I am more interested in seeing evidence of effort, engagement, and care than I am in particular lengths.

I will grade your final project according to the following criteria:

  •  Thoughtful engagement with science fiction and social justice
  • Effort and care exerted in expansion of original idea
  • Originality and imagination in concept and execution

By the end of the semester, we will have collectively created a powerful anthology of analysis, reflection, and speculative creativity!